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Advance Technology

Chemical Process

UV Flow Reactor

The Automated UV Flow Tube Reactor Unit is comprised of 2 Individual Quartz tube reactors with the capability of parallel or series operations.


The Operating Conditions are;


  • Operation temperature – room temperature - 50 deg C.

  • Operation Pressure – atmospheric pressure

  • Flowrate: 8.0 - 300 ml/min

  • UV intensity: The Philips HPR lamp has an internal reflector and incorporates a standard high pressure quartz mercury arc tube within its hard glass bulb to deliver a powerful bluish-white light with strong actinic radiation. The lamps are fabricated from a glass which is mildly transmissive to ultraviolet radiation. It does not pass the shorter UV wavelengths emanating from the quartz discharge tube, but some actinic radiation down to about 300nm is transmitted.

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