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Newton & Stokes is proud to be the agency for PILODIST in Singapore:


Official Website:


PILODIST® is a leading world-wide supplier for units and systems for thermal separation, which are:

•distillation (rectification)


•thin-film evaporation

•chemical reaction

•solvent recycling

•vapour-liquid phase equilibrium determination

for research and development as well as quality control for various applications.

Important products are laboratories for crude oil distillation according to ASTM standards for refineries and petrochemical research laboratories. The product range is completed by laboratory sized ozone generators and analyzers.


PILODIST® offers a long-established and extensive experience, supported by technical know-how and competence which originates from the world renowned company, founded by Mr. W.G.Fischer (see words of welcome). Today the Fischer family continues to support PILODIST giving the company a position of unrivalled excellence.

Technical Solutions

Technical competence is fundamental to our business. PILODIST® offers a wide range of standard products and systems in addition to tailor-made solutions which meet special user requirements. Our long experience and extensive worldwide relationships with users in many different industries provides us with in depth knowledge to develop products using state of the art technologies.
Support and Upgrade of existing systems


PILODIST® can upgrade the majority of crude oil distillation systems that are currently in use globally, all work is undertaken strictly in conformance with ASTM standards. Our upgrade service is not limited to PILODIST® – systems as our technicians have the ability to work on several makes of distillation systems and the service we provide includes replacement/upgrade of individual components.
We are pleased to offer advice regarding the cost effectiveness of maintaining existing systems and on the benefits of upgrade that will allow enhanced performance using latest process electronics combined with control and evaluation software.


PILODIST® product quality and technical superiority is unsurpassed, we proudly achieve such standards in several ways. Our materials and components are sourced from the very best sub suppliers who we carefully control to ensure they perform in strict accordance with our quality requirements. Each system and the required operating accessories are manufactured in our factory to exacting standards, including mechanics, electronics, software and glassware

PILODIST® is unique because unlike competitors, all glassware is manufactured in our in-house glass blowing workshop by a team of highly skilled glassworkers. Being a fundamentally important component in correct operation of all laboratory distillation systems, we take great care in producing highest technical glassware to meet the exact specifications of each test method.
All finished systems and products are inspected and rigorously tested prior to despatch.

Global support, Service and Spare parts supply

System installation, test runs and operator training are provided at customer site by experienced PILODIST® technicians. We can provide on-site service support at short notice and can manufacture and supply all required spare parts within the shortest lead time.

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